Auto Play Feature On Slot Machines

The auto play feature enables users to play more games in a shorter amount of time and increase their chances at winning at slots. Still, if you want to play an online slot tournament, you should use a different strategy. Especially beginners should avoid using it and, if they do decide to use it, let it me for short periods of time.

To the player’s disadvantage, the auto play function only places fixed bets. So if you set auto play on for 50 spins, then you will be playing the same bet 50 times over. This may become a problem if you’re playing a tournament, as tourneys require changes in style of play, going from small bets to bigger bets at different times. These decision need to be made knowing what your position in the tournament is and how much time is left.

However, you can still use the auto play feature for certain periods when you know you don’t need to change the size of the bet and in the beginning of the tournament, when you have a lot of credits and there are a lot of players to go through.

There is a wide range of different selections you can choose from when setting the auto play function on. The first three basic options are 5, 10 and 25. You can also set the time and the amount of spins you want the auto player to do for you. Some casinos even offer the option of choosing the amount of time between spins. We recommend you choose the 0.25 seconds option.

You can also set a limit to the auto play. You can set it to stop till all your spins are done, until you hit a jackpot, it can be set to stop if you win any amount or even make it stop when you win a certain amount or better. You will set this standard yourself and it’s usually between 50 and 250 credits, in increments of 50 credits. If you’re going to go for this option remember what your position is in the tournament and how much time is left.

You want to set a target you want to reach so we actually recommend setting the auto player to keep spinning until you hit a win of around 200 credits. If you’re having a bad day and it seems like you’re just losing and losing, it’s better to not use the auto play feature. You can change this manually at any time.

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